Callen manufactures precision Miniature Zinc Die Cast components with weights ranging up to 12 ounces for numerous industrial market sectors including:

  • Security Devices
  • Industrial Controls
  • Computer Hardware
  • Electronics
  • Telecommunications

Automated hot-chambered miniature zinc die casting machines with process times up to 1200 cycles/hr  produce components that do not require secondary trimming or deburring.

A significant economic advantage of the process is the utilization of inexpensive tooling ranging in price from $7,500 to $35,000 that in many cases yield life-of-project utility and low-cost parts.


Benefits of Miniature Zinc Die Castings

Top Ten Beniefits for specifying precision uutomated miniature zinc alloy castings

  1. Part Size Flexibility
    Part weight cast range from 0.10 – 12.0 ounces
  2. Minimized Tooling Cost
    Eliminating large single or multi-cavity dies can reduce tooling cost
  3. Dimensional Accuracy And Capability
    The process maintains specified tolerances from piece to piece
  4. Near Net Shape As-Cast, Flash Free
    Eliminates or reduces costly value-added operations
  5. Production Rates Up To 3600 pcs.
    Fully automated processing minimizes manufacturing time and cost
  6. Thin Wall Die Casting Technology
    Reduced part weight without sacrificing mechanical properties
  7. 5 – Slide Capabilty
    Complex  designs can be manufactured utilizing multiple slides
  8. Zinc Alloys
    Parts produced with hgh ductility, and high impact strength
  9. Engineering Value Analysis
    Engineering techniques are applied to maximize manufacturability
  10. Low Piece Part Price
    Fully automated high production rates utilizing low cost tooling